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Egg tarts: Investment of love as well as money

2009-12-17 13:38 BJT

Special Report: Macao 10 Years On |

Much has been made about Macao’s ability to attract foreign investors.The big news is usually about the hospitality and gaming industries.

Away from the glittering casinos and luxury hotels, there's a legendary bakery on Macao's Coloan Island.
Away from the glittering casinos and luxury hotels, there's a 
legendary bakery on Macao's Coloan Island.

But today, our reporter Wang Mangmang has a story about a business that is as much an investment of love, as one of money.

Away from the glittering casinos and luxury hotels, there's a legendary bakery on Macao's Coloan Island. A British man set up the shop in 1989 and his secret recipe for egg tarts immediately attracted a faithful following which has since spread around the world. Andrew Stow died three years ago, but his sister is continuing the business with the same passion and commitment. Now let's check out Lord Stow's, and what keeps it here.

Eileen Stow, manager of Lord Stow's Bakery,said, "We increased sales by forty percent after the handover…"

Eileen Stow said, "We were like half and half. So when he left, it was like the other half of me is gone."

Eileen Stow said, "When I was visiting Japan, I went to a restaurant that's been runing for four generations…I want to continue my brother's legacy…eventually taken over by his daughter…They gave me the help that I needed."

The Macao experience can be summed up in one of these egg tarts. A combination of cultures from elsewhere, making themselves at home, and creating new traditions. And like Macao, the egg tart is small, sweet, and unforgettable.

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