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Media network in Macao SAR

2009-12-18 12:09 BJT

Special Report: Macao 10 Years On |

Tiny Macao has reportedly one of the highest "media densities" in the world. More than a dozen newspapers in Chinese, Portuguese and English and various other forms of media. The Basic Law calls for the SAR government to defend media freedom, and the government expects the media to act as a watchdog to improve its work. Our reporter Han Bin talks to two foreign journalists in Macao, for their views.

Goncalo Cesar de Sa, Executive Director of Macaulink, said, "Journalists need only to write both sides, if you write it correctly. We have no problems at all in terms of media freedom; you can write whatever you want at the moment."

"Journalists need only to write both sides, if you write it correctly. We have no problems at all in terms of media freedom; you can write whatever you want at the moment."
"Journalists need only to write both sides, if you write it correctly. We 
have no problems at all in terms of media freedom; you can write whatever 
you want at the moment."

"This magazine is an English version to promote Macao, this to show abroad what we have in Macao, different aspect of economy, culture and history. The government does not supervise our content, we are completely open….. we have completely editorial independence."

Harald Bruning, Editor of Macaulink, said, "The situation in Macao is actually better nowadays than before the handover, the Portuguese administration used to be very nervous. There were lots of law cases concerning media. But after 1999, I haven't heard of any problems affecting the media in Macao. It's only possible because of the principle of the 'One country Two systems', it's a very generous and gracious attitude by the central government to allow Macao to have this favorable situation."

Despite its relatively small size, Macao has a well-developed media industry. The SAR Government promises to enhance the transparency of its administration, so as to enable the Government messages to be delivered to the public promptly and accurately. From what we have observed, these efforts have been well received by the public.

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