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New Year resolutions around the world

2010-01-01 12:31 BJT

Many people have also made their new year's resolutions amid the celebrations. Let's hear some of these resolutions for 2010.

A London resident said, "My new year's resolution is to go to classes more at university and to study harder for my exams."

"New Year's resolution is to eat healthier. I've been eating a lot of fish and chips and other bad food."

A Madrid resident said, "To give up smoking, only that! "

"Save money and pass my exams. Let's see if I can do it."

A Moscow resident said, "Festive and joyous, everything will be good in the New Year. I hope there'll be some changes for the better."

"I wish everyone happiness, health, and love. This is most important. And to get past this crisis."

A Johannesburg resident said, "My hope for the New Year is that everyone must be safe, we must enjoy everything, and there is nothing going to hurt us."

"I hope that people coming here and have great experiences and tell the rest of the world about this country."

A Rio De Janeiro resident said, "I hope it's better than 2009. I hope 2010 brings good things, and that there's not so much violence."

A Tokyo resident said, "I would like to find a boyfriend!"

"More than anything else, I wish for the economy to revive so that I can find a new job."

"I wish we can overcome all the obstacles we will face... with the vigor of a tiger!"

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