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Young Chinese lower carbon footprints

2010-01-20 13:23 BJT

As people are the major source of greenhouse gas emissions, changing human behavior is key to dealing with climate change. In China, taking up a low-carbon way of living, or reducing one's carbon footprint, is a growing trend among young people.

Zheng Xiyu works in Beijing's Central Business District. Everyday, it takes her roughly 40 minutes to reach her office by bus. But she's thinking of switching to a different mode of transportation -- a bicycle.

Zheng said, "Riding a bicycle takes roughly the same amount of time as using public transportation. But it's more convenient, and environmentally friendly. It's also good exercise for me."

Zheng works for a website devoted to low carbon economy issues. This gives her better insight into environmental concerns. She also reducing the amount of carbon needed to power her daily life.

"Riding a bicycle takes roughly the same amount of time as using public 
transportation. But it's more convenient, and environmentally friendly. 
It's also good exercise for me."