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Drought causes losses in Yunnan province

2010-02-08 14:01 BJT

The worst drought in 60 years has caused agricultural losses worth 952 million U.S. dollars in China's southwestern province of Yunnan. The provincial government there has earmarked 57 million U.S. dollars for drought relief, which has temporarily eased drinking water shortages for 4.25 million people and over two million livestock, as well as irrigating more than 700-thousand hectares of crops.

The drought began last July, affecting 4.9 million residents and more than three million livestock. More than two million hectares of crops, about 80 percent of the total, have been destroyed. There's also been a large increase in forest fires and a 50 percent drop in hydropower generation. Rainfall in Yunnan dropped by 29 percent, a record low, and temperatures were higher -- setting new records. The drought is not expected to ease until the rainy season in May.

The worst drought in 60 years has caused agricultural losses worth 952 million U.S. dollars in China's southwestern province of Yunnan.
The worst drought in 60 years has caused agricultural losses worth 952 
million U.S. dollars in China's southwestern province of Yunnan.