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Vancouver 2010 special series: Chinese Speed Skater - Wang Beixing

2010-02-12 14:35 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games |


It's been 18 years since speed skater Ye Cheaobo won China's first ever Winter Olympics medal. That year, Wang Beixing was just 7-years old.

Now, she'll be competing in her second Winter Olympics at Vancouver, and carries the hopes of winning China's first gold in the tough discipline of long track speed skating.

Wang Beixing, Chinese Speed Skater, said, "My name was given to me by my father. He wished that I could be the brightest star in the North. But, afterwards, he thought I should be the brightest star in the world."

Wang Beixing first practiced speed skating at the tender age of seven. The year Ye Qiaobo won China's first ever Winter Olympics medal in the 16th Albertville Games.

In the next 18 years, Wang followed in the footsteps of Ye. And, the skater is growing to be the best.

Sitje Van Der Lende, Team China Head Coach, said, "When I see her, she likes skating. She is a good skater. When I saw her skate again, I think she will be best."

Talents make a good blade runner, but practice makes perfect and to be the best, Wang began her six-year training in Canada from 2003.

Tedious training and a lonely life, the 18-year-old Wang chose the way to be the best and never looked back.

The hard-word paid off back then when she won a bronze medal at the 2005 World Championships. More podium finishes at the World Cup for her in the following years have cemented a burgeoning reputation.

Although Wang enjoys her success off the track - she owes her career and more to the sport.

Wang Beixing, Chinese Speed Skater, said, "You and the ice become one piece. It feels like flying."

But, in 2006 - Wang experienced growing pains at the Turin Olympics. She finished 7th at those Games.

After an unsuccessful debut, the inexperienced Wang needed more time and practice before experiencing a rise in fortunes.

In 2009, she got the chance to prove herself and beat arch rival in Germany's Jenny Wolf to win the World Sprint Speed Skating Championships, the first Chinese woman to do so since Ye Qiaobo in 1993.

One year later, it is time for her second Winter Olympics.

Wang Beixing, Chinese Speed Skater, said, "For each athlete, the Olympics is the highest level of competition. Everyone wants to show themselves at the Olympics. I love speed skating and I want to make more achievements in the sport. Especially, I want to show my ability at the Olympics."

Wang Beixing, Chinese Speed Skater, said, "My name is Wang Beixing and I am a speed skating athlete. I feel free in the competition. I enjoy it and feel relaxed. That is the way I skate. Please support me and the speed skating team for the upcoming Vancouver Olympics."

In tomorrow's final of our special Olympic series, we're going to look at the mainland's queen of short track speed skating Wang Meng. The defending champion and her teammates are aiming for sweep of all four gold medals available in the women's short track speed skating competitions in Vancouver.

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