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President Hu Jintao sends best wishes to Chinese people everywhere

2010-02-14 15:00 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Spring Festival |

President Hu Jintao has expressed his new year greetings to Chinese people of all ethnic groups and overseas Chinese around the world. He gave his best wishes while visiting some Taiwan businesses and locals in Zhangzhou, southeastern Fujian Province ahead of the Spring Festival.

On Friday afternoon, Hu Jintao and his entourage visited a business park for Taiwan farmers in Zhangpu county in Zhangzhou city. The park, established in 2006, is home to more than 70 Taiwan-funded agricultural firms. Colorful flowers cultivated by a Taiwanese bio-tech company caught the Chinese president's eye. He listened carefully to a report by the company manager about flower planting and sales situation. He asked the manager whether there are any difficulties in his business operations. After learning the investment environment in Zhangzhou is good, Hu Jintao said he hoped the flower business would become more prosperous.

In the hall displaying agricultural produce, the Chinese President gave high praise to the various fruit, vegetables, flowers and produce on display. He said these are the beneficial results of agricultural cooperation by both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and will similarly bring concrete benefits to compatriots from both sides.

At an aquatic product cultivation company, Hu Jintao showed interest in new products developed by the company. He told the manager of the company to send his greetings to compatriots in Taiwan.

Hu Jintao gave a warm speech to Taiwan businessmen in the hall.

Hu Jintao said, "At the time when people across the Taiwan Strait are about to celebrate this traditional Chinese lunar new year, I would like to take this opportunity to say hello to all of you. Firstly,I wish you all a happy new year.Secondly,I send my best wishes to your relatives and friends back in Taiwan.I've said many times,as long as it is beneficial to our Taiwan compatriots, we will do our best to make it happen.We say it,and we will do it. Right now a treaty of Cross-Strait Economic cooperation Framework is under negotiation. This framework will contribute to the economies of both sides. We will fully take the interests of Taiwan compatriots, especially Taiwan farmers, into consideration when we negotiate. We will achieve it,and everyone will be satisfied with the result."

The Chinese president said the decision by the central government last year to set up the Economic Zone on the Western side of the Taiwan Strait has provided a new platform for cooperation and exchanges across the Taiwan Strait. He said he hoped that increasing numbers of Taiwan compatriots join the cause of promoting the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations, and work with compatriots on the mainland for a brighter future of the relationship.

President Hu Jintao also visited Shanghang County's Gutian Village in Longyan City in Saturday morning's drizzle.

The Gutian Meeting was convened in 1929 in the village. It was a significant milestone in the history of the Communist Party of China and the army.

In the village, which Hu Jintao last visited in 1999, he visited the Gutian Meeting Memorial Hall and the venue for the Gutian Meeting.

At the office venue where Comrade Mao Zedong once worked,he stood still for quite a long time,to review the spirit of the Gutian Meeting and recall the merits and achievements made by the older generations of revolutionists.

Hu Jintao met some local veterans,and shook hands with everyone. He extended his utmost respect and sincere greetings to the men on behalf of the Central Government.

He expressed hope that the villagers would continue to uphold the spirits of hard work and plain living so as to create a better life with their own hands.

Hu Jintao said, "Today is the eve of Chinese Lunar New Year and tomorrow marks the start of the new Chinese Lunar Year. I am glad to see you all again. On behalf of the CPC Central Committee, I would like to extend my warmest New Year's wishes to you all. I was inspired by my recent visit to the Gutian Meeting Memorial Hall, which was the venue for the Gutian Meeting. During the past years, all of you made great contributions towards the founding of the People's Republic of China under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. People and the CPC will always remember your achievements. Currently, the whole Party and the whole nation are making great efforts to build a prosperous society in all aspects. We will continue carrying forward our predecessors' glorious traditions, as well as the spirit of the Gutian Meeting. We should make efforts in our Party building and the nation's construction, and continuously creating the new phase for the socialist construction with Chinese characteristics. Finally, I wish a happy life to all of you."

Hu Jintao later visited neighboring Wu Long village, where he celebrated the Chinese New year with residents.

On the doorstep of one home, the president greeted the 95 year old owner Zhang Tangmei.

Hu Jintao then toured Zhang's house. He was very happy when he learned that Zhang's life has changed for the better.

Hu checked the family's preparation for the Spring Festival.

Zhang's family welcomed the Chinese President into a dining room filled with pastries, dishes, sausages, preserved hams and wine.

Family members were joined by President Hu in preparing the traditional local food for the new year.

He also chatted with the families to learn about their lives, and wished the villagers a fruitful and prosperous new year.

Villagers told the president that they were happy with their lives and were optimistic for the future.

Locals celebrated a Spring Festival party with distinct Hakka characteristics at this village square. Hu Jintao greeted the crowd wearing a Hakka lucky purse given to him by villagers.

Local musicians beat waist drums to welcome the Chinese President, before the unveiling of a large golden dragon. Villagers invited Hu Jintao to add a presidential touch to the dragon by painting its eyes.

Hu joined the villagers in the jubilant Jiejiegao Dance with the dragon. Dancers chanted, "Better year, better life!" while beating bamboo. Gathering around the General Secretary, villagers sang the song of red army. The festive display clearly touched President Hu.

Hu Jintao said, "Dear villagers, today is Spring Festival's eve. Tomorrow we'll welcome the lunar New Year. Here I would like to pay a new year call to all of you. As some of you are aware, I visited Gutian in 1999. A decade later, I have visited once again. I feel deep happiness to see the significant changes that have taken place here, including villagers' improved living standards. During the revolutionary era, people at the old revolutionary bases made great sacrifices and valued contributions to the victory of China's revolutionary cause and the founding of the New China. It is an important duty of the Party and government to help old revolutionary bases speed up development and improve people's living standards. In the future, we will continue to implement every favorable policy to help promote the sound and rapid development at former revolutionary bases. I hope the people at these bases will continue to uphold the spirits of hard work and simple living to create a better life. "

Despite morning drizzle, the weather failed to dampen people's spirits for the day. The president's visit and his best wishes for the old revolutionary bases helped the local people celebrate the New Year in style.

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