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Liu Zhongqing bags bronze in men's aerials' final

2010-02-26 13:47 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games |

China won the bronze in the men's aerials' final. Liu Zhongqing made it onto the podium in the fiercely fought competition. With the absence of Turin Olympic gold medallist Han Xiaopeng, Liu Zhongqing became the third Chinese on an aerials podium following the country's success with silver and bronze in the women's final a day earlier.

Liu Zhongqing ranked third in the first jump. In the second jump, he increased the difficulty and although not perfect when landing, he still managed to get 242.53 points overall which was good enough for bronze.

China won the bronze in the men's aerials' final. Liu Zhongqing made it onto the podium in the fiercely fought competition. With the absence of Turin Olympic gold medallist Han Xiaopeng, Liu Zhongqing became the third Chinese on an aerials podium following the country's success with silver and bronze in the women's final a day earlier.
China won the bronze in the men's aerials' final. Liu Zhongqing made 
it onto the podium in the fiercely fought competition. With the 
absence of Turin Olympic gold medallist Han Xiaopeng, Liu Zhongqing 
became the third Chinese on an aerials podium following the 
country's success with silver and bronze in the women's final a 
day earlier.

American Jeret Peterson won the silver after executing his signature "Hurricane" -- a triple back flip with five twists, the hardest jump performed by any of the men.

Gold went to Alexei Grishin of Belarus. He soared through the air, twisted and flipped his way to a gold medal. Grishin landed to earn a first ever Winter Olympic gold for his country.

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