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Elderly tourists caught in Tsunami

2010-03-03 13:26 BJT

Special Report: 8.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Chile |


Three huge waves fell upon the Chilean coastal resort town of Curanipe after the quake struck. Most residents managed to escape, but some tourists, notably a group of seniors, were not so fortunate.

40 retirees were enjoying a summer vacation when they received the tsunami warning.

They piled onto the bus in a desperate attempt to escape to higher ground.

But the tsunami that followed the earthquake came in three giant waves, and dragged away their bus.

Local residents walk by a boat grounded by the earthquake and the ensuing tsunami in the fishing village of Constitucion, central Chile. (AFP/Martin Bernetti)
Local residents walk by a boat grounded by the earthquake and the
ensuing tsunami in the fishing village of Constitucion, central
Chile. (AFP/Martin Bernetti)