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German Pavilion unveils "Balancity"

2010-03-19 11:52 BJT

Special Report: Shanghai World Expo 2010 |

As the countdown to the Shanghai World Expo gets closer today we take a look at the German Pavilion. One of the main attractions at the pavilion is its "Balancity" exhibition, which encourages visitors to use teamwork and their imagination.

The German Pavilion coined the term "Balancity" to signify a city in balance.
The German Pavilion coined the term "Balancity" to signify a city in balance.

The German Pavilion coined the term "Balancity" to signify a city in balance.

The 6,000 square meter pavilion is composed of three floating spaces and one cone-shaped structure.

Visitors to the pavilion are encouraged to let their imagination run wild.

The heart of the Balancity is the "Energy Source". The huge sphere weights one ton and has a three meter-diameter. Its surface is adorned with thousands of LEDs, with images, colors and shapes.

The sphere swings back and forth to the rhythm of visitors' cheers.

The louder they shout, the greater the sphere swings.

And the greater the swinging motion the more vivid the colors become.

The design demonstrates the idea that much can be achieved when people work together.