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Water pollution in China alarming

2010-03-22 13:24 BJT

The theme of China's Water Week Campaign is to secure sustainable development through a strict water management system.

Water pollution in China poses a huge threat to the development of a sustainable water management.
Water pollution in China poses a huge threat to the development of
a sustainable water management.

Water pollution in China poses a huge threat to the development of a sustainable water management.

Statistics of a joint report from several Chinese universities show more than one third of the country's industrial waste water flows directly into rivers and lakes.

The water environment in most cities around the country is declining.

An official report from the Ministry of Environmental Protection shows among the investigated 131 rivers that flow through cities, 36 are severely contaminated, and nearly 60 others polluted.

Since the Songhua River benzene pollution incident in 2005, over 140 pollution cases have been reported.

The Yellow River, an important water resource for North China, is suffering from serious pollution. Nearly 40 percent of its mainstream has been severely affected.

The country's longest river, the Yangtze, is being threatened by a continuous flow of billions of tons of polluted water.

And situation is no better for the Huaihe River, in which the country has invested most. It remains a severely polluted river.

Water pollution has resulted in enormous economic losses. Experts point out that water pollution is a joint result of human factors, society and economic development.

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