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UK PM unveils election pledges

2010-03-28 15:01 BJT

Special Report: Britain General Election |


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has unveiled the five key pledges of his Labour Party, ahead of the country's general election, expected in May.

Brown told party activists in Nottingham on Saturday, that securing economic recovery will be the party's top priority.

Labour's other four promises, should they win the election, are raising family living standards, building a hi-tech economy, protecting frontline investment and strengthening fairness in communities.

Brown said that Labour was the "people's party," and he will put the British people first. The pledges have drawn criticism from opposition parties.

The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats claimed they are meaningless after years of "failure".

Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown, accompanied by his wife Sarah, waves to party faithfuls after his speech at the Scottish Labour Party spring conference in Glasgow, Scotland March 27, 2010. REUTERS/Oli Scarff/Pool
Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown, accompanied by his wife
Sarah, waves to party faithfuls after his speech at the Scottish
Labour Party spring conference in Glasgow, Scotland March 27, 2010.
REUTERS/Oli Scarff/Pool


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