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Britain sets election for May 6th

2010-04-06 13:33 BJT

Special Report: Britain General Election |


Britain finally has a date for its general election. Prime Minister Gordon Brown is set to announce that the national ballot will be held on May 6th.

He will make the announcement after meeting with Queen Elizabeth to seek the dissolution of parliament. Now take a close look at the two main candidates for the UK's top job.

When he took over as Prime Minister from Tony Blair in 2007, Gordon Brown had great confidence in himself and his Labour party. He was initially popular with the public and the media alike.

Gordon Brown, British Prime Minister, said, "It is with humility and it's with pride, and it's with a great sense of duty that I accept the privilege and the great responsibility of leading our party and changing our country."

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, seen here in London, has defended his handling of the economic recovery as he prepares to fire the starting gun on a general election that polls suggest he could lose. (AFP/Pool/File/Peter Macdiarmid)
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, seen
here in London, has defended his handling
of the economic recovery as he prepares
to fire the starting gun on a general
election that polls suggest he could lose.
(AFP/Pool/File/Peter Macdiarmid)