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Kyrgyz opposition claims power

2010-04-08 13:31 BJT


Clashes between police and anti-government protestors in Kyrgyzstan have left at least 65 people dead and over 400 injured.

The opposition has occupied the government building in the capital Bishkek and says it has formed a new government.

The unrest that began Wednesday continues, and the mayor's office in Bishkek has declared a state of emergency.

The opposition says Prime Minister Daniyar Usenov has resigned. It announced leader of the Social Democratic faction, Roza Otunbayeva will run an interim government for six months to draft a new constitution.

President Kurmanbek Bakiyev has fled the capital to the southern city of Osh. The opposition is demanding his resignation.

Clashes between police and anti-government protestors in Kyrgyzstan have left at least 65 people dead and over 400 injured. 
Clashes between police and anti-government protestors in Kyrgyzstan have left at
least 65 people dead and over 400 injured.