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Kyrgyz people hopeful for future

2010-04-12 13:39 BJT

After last week's deadly unrest in the capital, the people of Kyrgyzstan are calling for unity, and are showing their optimism for the future.

A college student said, "Every Kyrgyz should work for the country. One can't do nothing, people around country should work together."

A local resident said, "What we have now is waiting, expectation and trust. We believe there won't be a government like that anymore. The new government will be the government of the people. We hope so, and we believe. Now that we have hope, we should chase it."

After last week's deadly unrest in the capital, the people of Kyrgyzstan are calling for unity, and are showing their optimism for the future. 
After last week's deadly unrest in the capital, the people of Kyrgyzstan
are calling for unity, and are showing their optimism for the future.

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