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Bodies of thai protestors released

2010-04-13 13:41 BJT


In Thailand, autopsies on those killed during Saturday's violence in Bangkok, have been released.

At least 21 protesters and security personnel were killed and more than 800 others were injured in the clashes. Saturday's fighting was the country's worst political violence in 18 years.

The head of the autopsy commission says that some of the wounds were caused by high speed bullets. The Thai government says soldiers only fired live rounds into the air during the clashes.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, called some of the protesters involved in the clashes terrorists. He warned the public not to get involved with the violent group.

In Thailand, autopsies on those killed during Saturday's violence in Bangkok, have been released. (
In Thailand, autopsies on those killed during Saturday's violence
in Bangkok, have been released. (


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