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Transport authorities work to assist rescue

2010-04-17 13:59 BJT


Transport, railway and civil aviation sectors are gearing up efforts to ensure the smooth proceeding of quake rescue and relief in Yushu. A press conference given by them was just ended.

Safe, smooth and fast transportation is a lifeline for the quake-struck Yushu Prefecture.

Roads leading to Yushu were damaged by the quake at different levels. But after emergency clear and repair, roads to Yushu are now completely unblocked.

Gao Hongfeng, vice minister of Ministry of Transport
Gao Hongfeng, vice minister of Ministry of Transport

Gao Hongfeng, vice minister of Ministry of Transport, said, "We fulfilled the task to restore transport facilities within 24 hours after the quake. After that, we turned our focus to ensuring the passage running smoothly. Because aftershocks continue, our emergency teams are working around the clock to ensure the road safety. "

Road transport also bears the responsibility of sending relief materials and personnel to Yushu as well as sending injured out from the quake zone.

The railway sector is playing its advantage of large transporting capacity.

Wang Zhiguo, vice minister of Ministry of Railways, said, "All railway departments nationwide have been mobilized to ensure all things give way to the quake rescue and relief and to ensure aid materials and personnel to arrive in the quake zone as the fastest speed."

Special trains have been arranged for the purpose. By Saturday morning, 45 trains have arrived in Qinghai, sending a large amount of food, water, quilts, tents, excavators and power generators.

Meanwhile, by using shortwave, the civil aviation administration resumed communication with Yushu airport within one hour after the quake. Now, the one-year-old Yushu airport can accommodate more than 40 flights a day, providing strong support to relief efforts.

Xia Xinghua, deputy director of Civil Aviation Administration, said, "Yushu airport is a lateral airport, It was newly built and located in high-altitude area. We have sent over 50 professionals to the airport to assist the air control work."

The administration have taken measures to expand the Yushu airport's capacity.

Rail, air and on road transport authorities have pledged continuous efforts to meet the need of intensive rescue and relief.

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