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World tour at the Shanghai Expo

2010-04-17 13:59 BJT

Special Report: Shanghai World Expo 2010 |


The 2010 Shanghai World Expo is a perfect opportunity to get a panoramic view of the whole world without traveling thousands of miles. Just take a stroll with us for a quick tour of the various pavilions at the Expo to see what we mean.

We begin at the Japan's Pavilion. Predominantly using the color purple, the pavilion is designed in the shape of a baby silkworm, reflecting harmony between humans and high technology.

Now, we're here at the Mexico's Pavilion, which welcomes visitors from near and far with colorful kites covering the 4-thousand square meter building. All the materials used for the kites are eco-friendly plastic.

Next, the Australia's Pavilion. This building impresses visitors with the unique material used for the whole structure. Its texture is unique, and after months of weathering, it will coat itself automatically with a self-growing layer of glaze. The amazing material is also recyclable.

As for the design of the Germany's Pavilion, the designers say that they want visitors to get the feeling that they are balanced through a chain of constructions in unorthodox and unconventional shapes.

Now, we're at the Pavilion of Saudi Arabia, which symbolizes an oasis in a harsh desert. And right next door is the South Korea's Pavilion. Its exterior walls are covered with thought-provoking Korean essays engraved on the surface.

Here we have the UK's Pavilion. Its design highlights the county's long history of incorporating nature into its cities. At the center of the Pavilion is the Seed Cathedral, a six-story structure formed by 60-thousand transparent rods that sway in the wind and contain fiber-optic filaments.

Here at the Joint African Pavilion we can visit exhibitions of 42 African countries all in one place. The facility aims to represent the cultural diversity, solidarity, and the rosy future of the African countries.

There is still so much more for you to discover at the Shanghai World Expo. You'll find it worthwhile to make your plans to come, then you can decide what pavilions you want to see next.

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