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Center gives hope to Yushu orphans

2010-04-20 14:35 BJT

Special Report: 7.1-magnitude Quake Hit Qinghai, China |

Many children face an uncertain future after losing their families in the Yushu earthquake. An orphanage has been set up in the disaster zone to provide hope and a new lease of life for these children.

These three girls were orphaned by Wednesday's earthquake.

Doctors have given them special attention during their rounds, but the girls have been reluctant to communicate since the disaster.

This 11-year old girl was on her way to school when the quake struck. She survived, but both her parents were killed. She lived in a relief camp before she arrived at the orphanage.

Many children face an uncertain future after losing their families in the Yushu earthquake.
Many children face an uncertain future after losing their families 
in the Yushu earthquake.

Quake orphan said, "My aunt took me to a camp at the sports stadium. We lived there with two other girls who also lost their parents."

The girl has been overwhelmed by grief during the past few days, and is also battling a serious ulcer.

Zhang Guohua, medical staff, Lanzhou PLA Hospital, said, "We found many orphans suffering both physically and psychologically. That's why we set up this orphanage to not only treat their physical ailments, but also their psychological trauma."

The three children are receiving constant care and are on the road to recovery.

A quake orphan said, "I feel a little bit better and more comfortable."

More orphans are expected to arrive at the center in the coming days.

The Qinghai provincial government has pledged to care for those children orphaned in the quake. Authorities are still assessing how many children were orphaned by the quake and have no other family to live with. Adoption measures will be announced after other major relief work is completed.

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