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Sports Channel (CCTV-5) of China Central Television was launched in January 1, 1995. It is the first professional TV sports channel in China. Currently CCTV-5 holds 80% international and 90% domestic sports TV rights, covers around one billion audiences and owns 80% market shares in China.

The growth of CCTV-5 has made great contribution to the development of the Chinese professional sports. In 1994, Chinese Professional Football League successfully started with the promotion of CCTV-5. Since 1978, CCTV has broadcast seven FIFA World Cups.

FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 will start from June 9 to July 9. It is the focus and the festival of the whole world. As the exclusive TV broadcast right holder of World Cup 2006 in Mainland China, CCTV-5 plans to make a special project in the year of World Cup. Besides broadcasting high quality live matches and providing magnificent feature programs, CCTV-5 will also organize a strong professional TV team to produce a series of programs. These programs will satisfy tens of millions of Chinese audience from different aspects. At the same time, they will make CCTV-5 colorful in the year of World Cup consistently.

German Action is one of the most important projects of CCTV-5 before the World Cup 2006. The project owns a strong TV production team of 30 persons. They will travel around Germany for 34 days to film and produce this special program. After filming, the programs will broadcast on CCTV-5 for 11 hours in all. The style of these special programs will be quite relaxing and full of novelties. During the 34 days, eight pairs, one male and the other female, of contestants will make a wonderful travel around the 12 host cities of German World Cup. By taking part in some activities in person, they will experience the hot atmosphere of the World Cup and the many charms of football, culture, tourism etc. in Germany. In some famous sites in the cities, the contestants will also play some games and to compete with each other.

During their stay in Germany, the contestants will receive warm welcome from some German politicians and football stars. At the same time, they will show their wisdom through some trivia entertainment competitions in Germany. The winner pair will receive considerable prizes.

Three highlights of the project:

I. A TV reality show full of suspense and interests

Eight selected pairs of Chinese male and female contestants will make their first visits to Germany. But it will not be an ordinary sightseeing visit. They will challenge themselves on courage, wisdom and luck. In each city they will be assigned a different task to fulfill. It will be an unforgettable experience for them.

Our programs are much alike a TV series show. The colorful scenes of Germany are attracting enough to the Chinese audiences. However, the biggest suspense to the audience is which pair will be the winner.

II. Unbelievable and enviable experience

The contestants will act as football fans, travelers and also competitors during the process.

As football fans, they will not only visit the host stadiums of German World Cup, but also play football matches in the fields. They will be cheered in the stadiums before the Bundesliga matches. Also they will be received by some football celebrities, for example Mr. Klaus Schlappner, Mr. Arie Haan, etc.

As travelers, they will be luxuriously equipment with cars, portable computers, digital camerasand printers, credit cards, etc. Thanks to Germany National Tourism Administration’s support, the contestants will taste the charms of Germany comprehensively, in the air, on land and in lakes or rivers. Many contents of the activities are impossible to experience for most ordinary travelers.

As competitors, they must fulfill almost 50 challenging assignments, making good use of their equipments. Only the pair who is superior in wisdom, physics, perseverance, communication and cooperation will win the contest.

III. An abundant and distinct show on the World Cup and Germany

We have been promoting the program for five months long. We will make a series of programs for 12 hours in all to broadcast on CCTV-5. The German World Cup and the German culture and people are the program’s two themes. It will be an abundant and distinct show of Germany before the World Cup. According to our broadcast schedule, Episode I to XI, 55 minutes long of each will be shown from May 22 to June 7. On June 8, we will live broadcast the award ceremony of German Action. Before that, we will also produce a 30-minute long feature program on the procedure of selecting the contestants, which will be broadcast in the end of March. Besides that, the Sports News and the football programs of CCTV-5 will track to report the process when the campaign going on.

German Action counts down

German Action project began on January 15. Up to March 6, the organizer has received thousands of application forms from all over Mainland China, Chinese Hong Kong and Chinese Macau. 40 pairs of candidates were selected in the first round. These 80 persons, all of whom are fanatic football fans, are 27 years old in average. Their professions include teachers, students, journalists, company clerks, etc. They have a good education background, 77 of who own college degree and are good at English. Also 60 percent of them have been abroad before.

From March 10 to 12, the 40 pairs will be interviewed and test on physics. They will also be arranged to challenge in the training camp and do role plays. They will be appraised by the judges according to their performances. Eight pairs will be lucky to be selected as the final contestants.

The Eight pairs of contestants will compete in Germany. Four pairs will be eliminated in the process and the other four pairs will make final contest in Berlin. The winner will be awarded enviable prizes.

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