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Yi Jianlian looking forward to new NBA season

2009-09-03 08:37 BJT

With Yao Ming missing the new NBA season due to a foot injury, Yi Jianlian will be the only Chinese player to compete in the league in the upcoming season. The New Jersey Nets forward will carry all the hopes of the Chinese fans in his third NBA season.

Yi Jianlian, New Jersey Nets forward, said, "I've improved a lot through the individual training this summer. Of course, if I want to keep improving, I need to train hard every day. And, I have already planned my training for next summer so that I can improve myself more."

After trading their franchise player Vince Carter this summer, the New Jersey Nets are unlikely to be a factor in the Eastern Conference.

YI Jianlian said, "The trade is quite normal in the NBA and it happens all the time. But, at the end of the day, it's still basketball. Now, my teammates and I are going to face the challenge together and play for the same goal in the new season. That is to play hard each game and to win each game."

Point guard Dervin Harris will be the leader of the Nets in the new season. Yi will also have his chance to carry the team from the paint.

But if the power forward is to consolidate his position on the team, he will need more consistent performances.

YI Jianlian, New Jersey Nets forward
Yi Jianlian, New Jersey Nets forward