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Fitness for All: Free-style basketball troupe

2009-09-23 11:33 BJT

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With China's economic and social development, people are paying more attention to exercise and health than ever. Here in China there are some unique activities that people do, and even traditional athletics can have an Eastern spin to them. This is helping people of all ages and income get fit, all across the country. We take a look at a special free-style basketball the first of our nine-part series called "Fitness for All."

Jonas Gilbart said, "When it comes to traditional North American sports, none of them can touch basketball for the impact it's having in China. Not just because millions of youth playing the game, but also seen some of the cultural aspects to go along with basketball...also having in its impact whether be fashioned or hip-hop music. What I am about to experience today is a freestyle basketball troop here China. It's kind of turning the tables and injecting some eastern influences into what is traditionally a North American game."

This is the Beijing Freestyle Basketball Team and they are pioneers among Chinese freestyle basketball players.

The team consists of 11 members, with five main players: