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Fitness for all: Community residents practice Wushu

2009-09-27 14:48 BJT

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So far in our nine-part "fitness for all" series, we've visited the gym, looked at free-style basketball, and stretched out with yoga. This time, we join a very special community, where nearly all the residents practice Wushu.

Zhang Youlin,coach of Gongyizhuang Wushu Union, said, "It's an old tradition. It has been passed from generation to generation for several hundreds of years. The citizens in my village can learn Wushu for free. I didn't pay any money when I learned Wushu from my coach, so I wouldn't ask for money from my students. So it has become a custom. All the Gongyizhuang residents can learn Wushu for free."

Zhang Youlin said, "1300 people now practice Wushu, and nearly all residents in Gongyizhuang village have learned Wushu. It has a long, 600 year history. The villagers here learn Wushu from a very young age."

Li Guoqing, Party Chief of Gongyizhuang Village, said, "Every night after supper, the people will gather to practice Wushu. The coaches teach the children from generation to generation. And our Wushu club also takes part in many competitions and performances."

Zhang Youlin,coach of Gongyizhuang Wushu Union
Zhang Youlin,coach of Gongyizhuang Wushu Union