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Feature:Jeep Team enables you to go back to nature

2009-09-29 15:32 BJT

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In our today's "Fitness for all" series, we take a look at a special sport that combines man and machine. Let's head out now to the deserts of Inner Mongolia and meet the Jeep team, and find out about the sport of off-roading.

Day one

Zhou Lei said,"Today we are going to take a special trip out of Beijing with Ma Da. What kind of trip will this be? Follow me and we will find out together."

At around the same time, about 100 jeeps set out to arrive at one place: where they will have a fun but competitive experience.

The name of the trip refers to the spirit of the event. It is called: "No Friends, No Off-Road Racing." Organizer Ma Da seemed quite relaxed.

"Ma Da, do you drive this one to go to work?"


"Seldom? Do you have another automobile?"

"Yes, I have another car. If I don't travel out of Beijing, I will drive the smaller car more."

"Does your boss know that you have a jeep team?"

"Yes, he knows a little. Some of my clients know this and some of them even go out with me to do cross country. I think all enterprises will like this kind of versatile employee.

Daily life is similar to cross country, when we meet difficulties, like those in work, we must cross them.

With this kind of cross country quality, we will face challenges with a good balance of psychological status."