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Liu Xiang back on track

2009-10-09 09:34 BJT

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All it took was 13.15 seconds for Liu Xiang to announce to the track and field world that he is back.

His remarkable performance at the Shanghai Golden Grand Prix, where he lost by the smallest of margins to American Terrance Trammell in his first race back, was the proof many were looking for that their hero has recovered after 13 months of rehabilitation following achilles surgery.

But it hasn't been easy for Liu or those around him. A special look now at his recovery and why he is now able to smile once again.

Liu Xiang said, "I never had a surgery before. It was my first time. All I did was lie on the bed, it was not convenient for me to do everything. I recovered gradually. Nobody knows what I experienced during those months. But all has passed. It's true that it's not easy as an athlete."

For an athlete, recovering from major injury can be one of the most difficult things they will do. But for someone like Liu Xiang, the pressure is that much heavier. Something his parents witnessed first-hand.

Ji Fenhua, Liu Xiang's mother, said, "I always think about my son's injury. I do exercise every day, but at that time I couldn't do anything, only worrying about my son. It's the biggest thing for me."

Liu Xuegen, Liu Xiang's father, said, "During that year, whenever people talked with Liu Xiang, he always said he was good, he was happy, but the people who were around him know that he pretended to be glad. He didn't want the people who care about him disappointed, so he forced himself to be happy."