Liaoning win women's hockey, Guangdong take bronze

2009-10-19 17:56 BJT


In the women's hockey third place playoff match...Guangdong in red met Beijing in white.

- Guangdong started the match strong, this shot just went wide,
- Replay: what a close shot

- Guangdong kept up the pressure and their efforts were rewarded soon
- this was a quick short corner pass to the area and Wang Ping sent the ball home with a tight low shot
- Replay: Guangdong opened the scoring to take 1-0 lead. There were several national players in the Guangdong team and they took control from then on.

- (Replay showing chance for Beijing): Beijing did have some chances, including this decisive one in the first half. Zhu Baorong failed to capitalize on this deep cross.

- Beijing stepped up their attack after finding themselves trailing 2-0. This long shot was ruled out, because of violation.

- Guangdong's third goal was a spectacular one. A neat cross followed by a tight volley home.
- Replay: Guangdong were 3-0 up.

- Guangdong then wrapped up the match with another short corner
- A neat combination of passes ended with a tight angle shot
- Eventually, Guangdong won the match 4-0 to win the bronze medal in the women's hockey. Later Liaoning won the gold medal after beating Jiangsu 2-0.

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