Li Wei wins gold, Wen Hairui bronze in track cycling

2009-10-19 17:57 BJT

Now we go to track cycling, and the spotlight went to the men's 4 kilometer individual pursuit.

-Liaoning's Zeng Zhaoyu and Hebei's Wen Hairui ran a playoff to see who would win the bronze medal at the National Games...the two riders needed to race 16 laps on a 250-meter track with each competitor starting on the other side of the oval it was a close fight as the two riders almost raced at identical speed.

-But it didn't last long as Zeng Zhaoyu started to pull away...
-Wen Hairui seemed to lose his stride and retired from the race due to fatigue, giving Zeng Zhaoyu won the bronze medal.
-A closer look at Zeng's start shows how important getting off-the-mark is in track cycling...Zeng left the line quicker than his opponent did... 
-Zeng is one of China's top riders in the individual pursuit. But he failed to qualify for the final after losing to two other riders in the preliminaries.

-Moving to the final of the men's 4-kilometer event,  favorite Li Wei of Tianjin took on local hero Wang Mingwei from Shandong...and both riders got off to a promising start.

-But Li gradually built up his advantage after several laps.
-Wang did his best to catch up with Li.

-But the Tianjin rider had an obvious advantage and used his pace to use up his opponent's energy.
-Li picked up a comfortable lead and coasted home from there.

-Li simply breezed his way through to finish in a time of 4 minutes 30.385 seconds...and won the gold for his Tianjin team.

-Li also set a new Asian record...
-He upheld the championship which he won at the last National Games, and retained this gold medal to consolidate his top position in this event across the country. Local favorite Wang Mingwei won the silver medal.

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