Equestrian competition news at the National Games

2009-10-19 18:01 BJT


- Equestrian competition at the National Games included the dressage event.
- It was another battle among teams representing strong regions in China. Xinjiang, Tibet, Zhejiang, Sichuan and Guangdong crusied to the final, where every team was looking for an edge.
- Xinjiang's team enjoyed the most crowd support as it entered the competition arena first. Ji Nade notched 64.743 points and Liu Zhong compiled 65.657 points. Guangdong's Cai Qiao scored 61.943, putting Guangdong well behind Xinjiang.
- The afternoon match added more tension. Olympian Liu Lina's performance stunned the audience as well. The audience held its collective breath until the screen showed she scored a total of 68.229. The audience gave her a huge ovation for a spectacular performance.

-Liu Lina is the only female member of China's national team.  She became known as the "first person of China's equestrian sport", and took part in the Olympic games for the first time in 2008. Liu started to practice equestrian sports when she was 15 years old, her showing in Beijing last year was a big sucess in Chinese equestrian's history.

-Xinjiang nearly put itself atop the podium, but there was a lot more competition to come. 
- Guangdong's players trailed in the morning events. They redeemed themselves in the afternoon. Guangdong's Gu Bing took part in this match with his horse named "Ji Xiang", which means "lucky" in English.
- Gu Bing combined with "Ji Xiang" to refresh the score again and again.
- Guangdong finally took the team gold, and Xinjiang settled for silver.

Editor: James | Source: CCTV.com