Deng Senyue wins women's all-round

2009-10-20 18:09 BJT

Time for a look at rhythmic gymnastics, where Deng Senyue of Guangxi continued her mastery from the previous two days of group competition. Deng Senyue put in a near perfect performance in the rope routine, and took a first round lead.

Li Hongyang of Zhejiang also performed a near perfect routine. But some slight mistakes made the difference, and Deng Senyue held onto a slight advantage. Li Hongyang ended runner-up after after the rope round of competition.

Deng Senyue also took charge on the court during the hoop routine. The hoop is made of plastic, and has an inner diameter of 80 to 90 centimeters. It must weigh at least 300 grams, and the performances must include at least three leaps. Deng established a 1.35 point gap between herself and the runner-up after the first two rounds.

Ding Yidan performed first in the decisive ball routine. She put on a positive show, but the competition was too tough to beat. Ding fought hard to earn a high enough score to would confirm a third place finish.

The ball is made of soft plastic, with a diameter of 18-20 centimeters. It must weigh as least 400 grams. Deng Senyue's performance didn't leave any hope for her rivals with a variety of moves that let the ball bounce over and around her body. She walked away with the title by 25.9 points.

Li Hongyang won the rhythmic gymnastics silver. Ding Yidan took the bronze.

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