Basketball: Jilin, Shandong and PLA

2009-10-21 18:04 BJT

Jilin beat Beijing 77-71

-in the game between Jilin and Beijing
-Jilin took a narrow lead starting from the third quarter
-this basket gave them a three point lead

- Beijing kept in contention
- a well-executed three pointer saw them tie the game at 71-all in the final quarter

- but Jilin extended their lead to 5 points
- and they held on to close out the game 77-71
- Jilin claimed first win in group A

Shandong defeat Liaoning 83-70

The game was a neck-and-neck in the first half,this lay-up saw Liaoning take a 1-point lead

- inspired by several top-notch players in China's national team
- Shandong soon pulled away in the second half
- this drive earned them 10-point lead

- led by former NBA player Mengko Bateer from Xinjiang, Shandong basically sealed the victory later in the third quarter
- eventually, hosts Shandong clinched a 83-70 victory.

PLA blow out Heilingjiang 91-58

- and the defending champions PLA opened their campaign in a spectacular fashion
- most of the team are from the national squad or top CBA teams, including former NBA player Wang Zhizhi, and proved too powerful to their opponents
- the game's result became pretty much a foregone conclusion starting from the second quarter as the PLA took a commanding lead

- this round of attacks was a good example of the PLA's strength. Wang's pass ended in guard Li Nan's hands, who cooly knocked down a three
- PLA took a 30 point lead, and eventually closed out the game 91-58.

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