Liang Lei takes gold in 120 category

2009-10-22 18:14 BJT

Strong and strategic moves made the difference in the men's 120 kilogram class. Liang Lei from Shanxi took on Deng Zhiwei from the PLA.

Deng pushed Liang down, but the 2-meter tall Liang used his height and weight to push his opponent out of the boundary first.  He notched the first point of the match.

Liang took one more point by snatching Deng's leg.  Liang's superior leverage ended with Deng going to the mat. Liang Lei took a 2-0 advantage with another powerful move.

Liang went into the second round determined to hold onto his lead. He held Deng's leg again and then pushed him out for another point.

And Liang didn't give Deng many chances to make a comeback.  He took the second round and sealed the match. 

Liang Lei wrestled to everyone's expectations.  He was seldom threatened in the National Games and proved it again in his match against Deng Ziwei.

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