Wang Hao breaks record in race walking

2009-10-23 19:16 BJT

On the second day of the athletics competition, walkers, runners, jumpers and throwers vied for 10 gold medals at stake. For Chinese racewalking athlete Wang Hao, the national competition serves as a preparation for his 2012 Olympic goal.

The world silver medalist put in a personal best on Thursday in Jinan, breaking his own record by nearly one minute and claiming the gold in the 20-kilometer event. The winning time of one hour 18 minutes and 13 seconds is already among the world's best.

China's track and field events have long been behind other countries compared with other sports events. Wang's silver medal at the Berlin World Championships this August and the progress in this tournament is a boost for Chinese athletes.

Confidence, if nothing else, is what Wang brings to the nation. Chinese racewalking athletes can produce astonishing results in domestic competitions. But they often fail to find their form in world tournaments.

The jinx was finally shattered by Wang when he made the breakthrough in Berlin winning a silver medal. His efforts opened the gate to more achievements.

A national title is far from enough for Wang. After already lopping one minute off his own best time, one more minute off would mean a new world record that Russia -- an dominant force in the event -- set in 2007.

Wang said he didn't expect the good result. He was very happy about his place and result.

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