PLA win over Jilin for 2 wins and 1 loss

2009-10-23 19:33 BJT

Now to men's basketball and a Group A match between the PLA and Jilin. The PLA is in white, and took an early lead, eventually increasing the gap to 10 points.

But three-pointers brought Jilin back into the game. Yu Shulong fired and hit from long range to cut the first quarter deficit.

The P-L-A put several members of the national team on the court, including Mo Ke. He struck back against Jilin's defense with two three pointers of his own.

Jilin stayed close with great teamwork. Wang Bo scored after a series of passes and the first half ended 45-36.

Jilin made some mistakes in the 3rd quarter. Turnovers led to points for the PLA side. Wang Zhizhi made Jilin pay with this shot.

but the replay shows there's more to the story the PLA might have benefited from some luck with the Wang Zhizhi score.

In the fourth quarter, PLA brought Zhang Bo off the bench. He provided some instant offense with this scoring play that kept his team comfortably ahead down the stretch.

Jilin fought-on with more three-point attempts. But it was not enough. The PLA came through with an 85-77 victory.

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