Liaoning beat Heilongjiang 93-73

2009-10-23 19:33 BJT

Now to Group A action, Liaoning wearing white, took on Heilongjiang.

This three-pointer from Lu Wei contributing to Liaoning's 10-2 lead.

Gao Shan of Heilongjiang scored this first quarter buzz-beater, the score 29-15.

Heilongjiang found their form in the 2nd quarter. This three-pointer from Sun Mingming a good example.

This shot again,from Sun Mingming, HLJ ended the first half to narrow the margin 46-38.

Although Heilongjiang tried to catch up, Liaoning no doubt the more powerful side.
Look at this shot, Zhang Qingpeng (No.9) forged ahead and successfully made it by himself.

The fourth quarter was full of three-pointers from Liaoning. Successive three-pointers from Liaoning players made the match result a foregone conclusion. Liaoning finished the match 93-73, 2 wins one loss so far.

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