Shanghai win Equestrian team eventing gold

2009-10-26 16:28 BJT

Horses and riders combined to try for the title in the Equestrian team eventing competition. The last round of the competition focused on jumping. Guangdong's team nearly put itself atop the podium, but its last horseman, Lu Junhong, came up one point short. Guangdong was on its way to the gold medal, when Lu cracked a bar during one of the jumps. What's worse, he and his horse were overtime. The mistakes gifted Shanghai the gold medal.

Shandong's staged a proud performance to finish with the bronze. More than 130 horses took part in the equestrian sports of this year's National Games. 95% of the them came from overseas, and cost around 2 to 3 million yuan each. Team Shanghai's coach Karsten Wolf-Dieter says team eventing requires a high degree of effort for the horse and rider combinations. They must train 3 hours each day, twice as much as those who participate in the individual competitions.

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