Wu Sha wins women's pole vault

2009-10-26 16:41 BJT

A hard-fought match in the women's pole vault.

Wu Sha from Anhui and Li Caixia from Shaanxi both cleared 4.40 meters, but failed 4.50 meters in all their attempts. Extra competition needed for the title.

The height was reduced to 4.45 meters, but both failed, and the height was reduced to 4.40 again.

Dramatically, the height was reduced to 4.35.

This time, Wu Sha made it! She cleared the height with a jump that can never be described as "perfect".

Wu Sha was moved to tears! For the gold medal she finally won after a more than three hours of competition.

Li Caixia finally took the silver medal, while Zhejiang's Li Ling managed the bronze medal.

Editor: James | Source: CCTV.com