Women's 100m champion fails doping test at Chinese National Games

2009-10-27 08:25 BJT

Special Report: 11th National Games |

A doping scandal is creating news in track and field.  It brought some unexpected drama to the women's 100 meter race. The games' organizing committee says champion Wang Jing failed a doping test. The announcement dampened a dramatic on-track finish four days ago. Wang Jing of Fujian, Jiang Lan and Chen Jue of Jiangsu were among the runners competing for the nickname of "Flying Woman" of China.

Remember...this was such a close match that nobody can tell who was the fastest. Still pictures would be necessary to figure out who crossed the line first. Wang Jing hit the stripe neck-and-neck with Jiang Lan in the nail-biting photo finish. Judges awarded Wang the gold based on the photographic evidence. Both runners finished in 11.50 seconds. Chen Jue of Jiangsu took the bronze in 11.51. But then, Wang tested positive, and organizers announced she would be stripped of her gold medal. She was also barred from running in the 200m finals.

That meant the sprinter from southeastern Fujian Province, who claimed second in the preliminaries, would not be able to compete for another gold. Jiang Lan from Jiangsu Province, the runner who finished second in the women's 100, took first place. Jiangsu's Chen Jue won the silver, and Jiangxi's Tao Yujia accepted the bronze.


Editor: James | Source: CCTV.com