Women's football: Liaoning defeat Shandong 2-1

2009-10-27 08:27 BJT

Special Report: 11th National Games |


In the women's football semi-final, Shandong vs Liaoning, Shandong the dark horse. This was the first time their women's football team had made it into the semi-final of National Games where they now faced Liaoning.

-- 9 minutes into the matchm Shandong had a corner kick, and sent the ball into the area. Keeper punched ball away. But Liu Chunhui slots the ball into the net.

-- 3 minute into the second half, Liaoning send the ball into the area from the right corner. Bi Yan head the ball to teammate Li Dongnan. Li used her knee to slots the ball into the net. Shandong 1-1 Liaoning leveled.

-- Injury time whistle. Li Wen fires a long range shot into the area with from left. Pang Fengyue gets on the end of the ball and slams it into the net.Shandong 1-2 Liaoning.