Men's volleyball: Shanghai ease past Jiangsu 3-0

2009-10-27 08:29 BJT

Special Report: 11th National Games |

The men's volleyball tournament is coming to a close.  The teams are now in the semi-final round, with Shanghai taking-on Jiangsu...both sides fought hard in a highly competitive first set. Jiangsu took the early lead, But Shanghai evened the score at 24-all.


Both sides contested a tense series of points on the way to set point for Shanghai...Shen Qing rose to the occasion with a powerful spike give Shanghai a 30-28 first set win.

Shanghai's defense gave the leading side a crucial point...a block at the net sealed a second set victory, 25-22. Frustration set in for the Jiangsu side as its players faced a tough climb after that.  Shanghai went on to win the third set 25-22.

The match closed with some exciting open-court action as Jiangsu played strong until the final whistle.  Shanghai wins the match 3-games-to-none to advance to the final.