Men's basketball: Guangdong in tough win over Xinjiang

2009-10-27 19:58 BJT

In another match between powerhouse Guangdong and Xinjiang. Defending championships Guangdong didn't get the upper hand at the beginning. It was Xinjiang who dominated early on and even went on an 11-2 run. The first quarter ended with Xinjiang leading 27-25.

The second quarter continued to be a fierce one. Xinjiang strengthened their defense but couldn't combat Zhu Fangyu's three pointers. The first half ended 47-44 in Guangdong's favor.

From the beginning of the second half, Guangdong finally exploded and showed why they top the CBA, excellent performances from Zhu Fangyu and Wang Shipeng leading the way.

Despite four three pointers from forward Xu Guochong, Xinjiang still couldn't catch up and lagged behind in the third quarter which ended 77-68.

Guangdong held on in the last quarter and won the match 98-83. They will face PLA in the semis.

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