Shandong beat Jilin 64-50 in men's basketball

2009-10-27 19:58 BJT

The home team, Shandong, took on Jilin, and Jilin took the early lead to temporarily silence the crowd. Yu Shulong got a three-pointer for the opening basket.

But the Shandong spectators did not stay quiet for long. Gu Liye scored for Shandong, and showed the crowd that this would be a spirited battle.

Shandong trailed by 7 going into the second quarter, but made a strong comeback, this three-pointer tied the match at 23-all.

But Jilin didn't give up, the fierce battle continued, with Sun Tonglin scoring as the first half ended. Jilin went ahead by one.

The two teams traded the lead in the third quarter, Meng Batter connected to give Shandong a 5 point lead.

But Jilin's Sun Tonglin and Yu Shulong combined to make it 47-44 as the third quarter ended.

Shandong made a decisive move in the fourth and final quarter. Yang Ming stole the ball and passed it to Sun Jie to make it 52-44 for the home side.

Shandong stayed in control for the rest of the match and increased its lead from 8 points to 14. The match ended 64-50, Shandong on top.

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