Guangdong edge out PLA into final

2009-10-28 18:09 BJT

We begin with a long awaited clash in the semi finals between P L A and Guangdong..
The P L A opened the game with a 5 0 lead.

But the CBA champion Guangdong side responded with a three point play from Wang Shipeng and a powerful dunk from Zhu Fangyu.

The two powerhouse clubs seemed evenly matched Guangdong trailed by 1 at the end of the first quarter.

Both teams found success from long range in the second quarter.

Zhu Fangyu fired and hits a three pointer from the left side

And the P L A's Mo Ke answered from beyond the arc with his own three pointer making it a one point margin at the half.

Guangdong came back with more energy after the break.

Wang Zhizhi lost the ball and Guangdong increased the lead to 57 48.

Two minutes later another turnover from the P L A. It lead to more points for Guangdong and a double digit margin.

Guangdong posted a 17 point third quarter lead.

The PLA turned to veteran Wang Zhizhi in the fourth quarter. He made this crucial three point play to cut the deficit to 7 points.

Wang pocketed a game high 35 points and 13 rebounds, but he couldn't bring the P L A back by himself.

His teammate Li Nan scored a three pointer to tie the score at the end of regulation, and the game went to over time.

Guangdong got the momentum back in the extra stanza, controlling the rhythm in overtime with a 19 11 run.

Zhu Fangsu scored another three pointer to give Guangdong a 100 95 lead.

The P L A faded away with 50 seconds left its long shots would no longer fall and Guangdong advanced to the final.

The National Games powerhouse, with five titles in the previous five tournaments, failed to make it into the final for the first time in 34 years.

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