Shanghai beat Shandong to take bronze

2009-10-28 18:13 BJT

And in the battle for the bronze, hosts Shandong entertained Shanghai. The match played for goalless until extra time and went to penalty kick.

The both sides were nervous for the penalty shoot out.Shandong went wide for the first shot.
And Shanghai put the ball into net, 1 0.

Shandong's leveled the scoreline at 1 1. Shanghai followed up to make 2 1 lead.

At Shandong's third shot, goalkeeper went right to block the ball. Shanghai's third shot denied by the post, but they still led at 2 1.

With a great chance for Shandong to come back, goalkeeper made the save again, she blocked Shandong's 4th shot. To increase their lead, Shanghai stopped by the post again. The score still at 2 1, and over the final shot.

Good luck was not on the home side, their last hope burst when the ball above the bar,they handed the bronze medal to Shanghai, the final score 2 1.

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