Jiangsu snach handball gold medal

2009-10-28 18:18 BJT

Handball reached its gold medal game in Shandong province. Jiangsu denied the host team Shandong of another title to capture the tournament championship on Tuesday.

Jiangsu's roster lists several standout players from the national handball team. Their experience includes winning the bronze medal at the 10th National Games. This time, Jiangsu went all the way to the top, beating Shandong 27 19 in Weihai, a city along the coast in Shandong province.

Shandong opened the scoring with two quick goals. The two sides tied at 2 all after the first 7 minutes of the game. The teams then began to trade the lead. Jiangsu is led by Yan Weiming, coach of the Chinese men's handball team at the Beijing Olympics, and his players dominated the rest of the first half. It ended with Jiangsu leading Shandong 15 9.//

Shandong picked up the pace after the break, but still had trouble breaking down Jiangsu's tight defence. Jiangsu counterattacked to increase its lead to 23 13.// Shandong's comeback try fell short. Jiangsu's defense kept the top Shandong players locked down whenever they crossed midcourt. Their shooting attempts never came very close to threatening the Jiangsu goal, frustrating the fans who hoped for another title for the host team.

This is the first time for Jiangsu to win the gold medal in handball at the National Games and first silver for Shandong.

The P L A defeated defending champion Beijing 22 20 to win the bronze medal. Beijing became the most aggressive team at the start. It created a 5 1 run and knocked the P L A side on its heels early in the match. But the P L A re organized its offense to quickly tie the score. Then it was Beijing's turn. The more experienced Beijing side took control for a 13 10 lead at the break. //The second half action told a different story. The P L A increased its defensive pressure to turn the tide of battle, sealing the win and with it the bronze medal. Shanghai's team placed fourth in the standings after beating Guangdong 29 25.

Editor: James | Source: CCTV.com