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Olympic postcard series: Downtown Whistler

2010-02-05 15:06 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games |

More now from the Olympic postcard series. This time, we go deeper into the town of Whistler. The community gained a reputation for having an international atmosphere, despite its relatively small size.

Whistler experiences cool snowy winters, and dry warm summers.

It is home to around 10,000 permanent residents, 2,500 seasonal residents, and hosts upwards of two million visitors annually.

From wide-open ski mountains to the downtown areas, Whistler offers breathtaking natural beauty, world-class sports and entertainment.

Whistler Village is the hub of the community and was designed to be a car-free town center where people could flow like water.

From award-winning restaurants to recreational spas, there is always something interesting and fun going on in and around the Village.

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