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Winter Olympic postcard: British Colombia

2010-02-09 09:59 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games |

Renowned for steep and deep world-class ski terrain, British Colombia is bustling with energy and opportunity as it prepares for the upcoming Winter Olympics.

British Columbia is Canada's westernmost province, lying between the Pacific Ocean in the west and the magnificent Rocky Mountains in the east. Blessed with breathtaking landscapes, BC is home to a rich geographical region that lends itself to a vast array of activities and adventures. There are mountains to climb, rivers to run, beaches to comb, forests to hike, parks to stroll and warm summer lakes to take a dip.

The province generally enjoys a temperate climate but near the mountains, there is snow. Northern BC's vast wilderness comprises more than half the province's 500,000 square kilometers. A teaming system of national and provincial parks, provides habitats for wildlife as large as grizzly bears.

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