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Postcards series: Victoria - "City of Gardens"

2010-02-11 15:28 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games |


In this installment of Olympic postcards, we pay a visit to the city of Victoria. It is the capital city of British Columbia and a popular tourist spot in the Pacific Northwest.

Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia, and is often called "City of Gardens" for its picturesque scenes. Victoria is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.

The area is the sunniest spot in the province and the gentlest in Canada in terms of climate, environment, and lifestyle.

As one of the most visitor-friendly cities in the world, Victoria is a major tourism destination welcoming more than 3.65 million visitors a year.

Downtown Victoria also serves as Greater Victoria's regional downtown, where many night clubs, theatres, restaurants and pubs are clustered, and where large regional public events occur.

All this combines to provide a perfect mix of excitement and relaxation for the residents as well as visitors.

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