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Liu xiang prepares for Doha showdown

2010-03-08 16:43 BJT


We start with China's athletics hero, training for his first international test of the season.

Hurdling megastar Liu Xiang will compete in Doha, Qatar later this week after making a remarkable return from injury last year.

Liu Xiang's latest practice for the Doha Indoor World Championships focused on light training instead of a strenuous workout. The former Olympic champion is suffering some inflammation in his injured foot.

Sun Haiping, Liu Xiang's coach, said, "there is a little problem. His archillies tendon has a slight inflammation. We did a medical test on his foot and discovered the symptom. Liu's foot feels pretty sore."

Hurdling megastar Liu Xiang will compete in Doha, Qatar later this week after making a remarkable return from injury last year.
Hurdling megastar Liu Xiang will compete in Doha, Qatar later this week after
making a remarkable return from injury last year.