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Williams wins CBA slam dunk contest

2010-03-22 10:28 BJT

Vancouver Winter Olympic figure skating champions Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo were invited to be two of the judges of the slam dunk contest at halftime. They took their places alongside former NBA player Wang Zhizhi.

Fujian's new signing Sean Williams was one of the favorites to win the contest. He dunked home with a ferocious right-handed slam, which earned him highest mark in the first round.

Williams combined Chinese culture with his second round dunk. A peach was set up on the rim of the basket. Williams donned a Beijing opera mask and tried to dunk and to steal the peach in one move. Williams failed to get the fruit, but he did earn the points to make himself the Slam Dunk contest winner.
Williams combined Chinese culture with his second round dunk.
 A peach was set up on the rim of the basket. Williams donned
 a Beijing opera mask and tried to dunk and to steal the peach
 in one move. Williams failed to get the fruit, but he did 
earn the points to make himself the Slam Dunk contest winner.

Williams combined Chinese culture with his second round dunk. A peach was set up on the rim of the basket. Williams donned a Beijing opera mask and tried to dunk and to steal the peach in one move. Williams failed to get the fruit, but he did earn the points to make himself the Slam Dunk contest winner.