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Lin Dan comes back to training

2010-03-26 09:49 BJT

The Chinese National Badminton team is back to work in Beijing. The shuttlers returned from the All England Championships on Tuesday, responding to the biggest surprise of the tournament when World and Olympic champion Lin Dan failed to reach the the semi-final round.

The National badminton stars went back to their normal training routine after finishing the All England Championships. The first workout included games against their teammates. Lin Dan and his partner worked hard in doubles, but lost their game.

Lin Dan, world and Olympic champion, says, "Lose it! Lose it again! I seldom win the games on Thursday."

Losing a game in practice was not so important, but Super Dan lost both of his matches at the All England Championships. First, he lost to sixth-seeded compatriot Bao Chunlai, and then got knocked out by Denmark veteran Peter Gade, a player he hasn't lost to in four years.

Lin Dan, world and Olympic champion, says, "It's normal. I don't think it was a surprise. I think if my opponent's form is better than mine, and I can't play well, then I might lose the match."

Lin's lack of match play after the end of club matches last year may be one reason for his bad performance in Britain. Lin didn't reach the semi-finals of the All England tournament, so he will try to gain more points at the Asian Championships on April 12th.

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